Jayne Musonye and Rose Musonye-Smith are the founders of the Samosa Supreme Company. They have extensive experience in the food industry. Their experience includes product development, catering, cooking demonstrations, and franchise development. Many years of testing and developing various foods have resulted in the development of excellent products.

Samosa Supreme Storefront

Samosas On Display For Sale At A Local Food Festival

What are Samosas?

Eaten mostly as an appetizer or as a "street food" all over the world, the samosa is a triangle shaped light crispy pastry stuffed with flavorful filling. Fillings could be spicy or mild typically consisting of either vegetables (potatoes and peas) or ground lamb, and onions, spices, and cilantro. Samosas can also be sweet with cream cheese and guava fruit.

A fresh piping hot samosa is usually served with a wedge of lime to squeeze inside the samosas (once bitten), chutney and a beverage (hot or cold).

Samosas originated in India and eventually spread to other areas of the world including Kenya where the local residents added their own cultural twist to the dish.  Here at Samosa Supreme we serve Kenyan Samosas with a plump wedge of fresh lime. Our Samosas include fillings such as beef, turkey, chicken, vegetables (potatoes & peas), lentils, mango & cream cheese, guava & cream cheese, and apple, coconut, & caramel.


About Us

Samosa Supreme serves Kenyan gourmet Samosas along with a variety of signature side dishes from a take-away location in Bowie, Maryland. Samosa Supreme's cuisine is inspired by Kenyan, Indian, African, and numerous other cultures across the globe. Samosa Supreme has a variety of vegan options and provides food catering services.

Enjoy a recent interview from Prince George's Community Television for a more in depth look at Samosa Supreme:

“The Musonye sisters from Kenya are bringing their native cuisine to Bowie. They recently opened a carry out restaurant. CTV's Sonia Srivastava has the story.”