-All Samosas are served Spicy or Mild. Royale and Delectable Samosas also come in Super Spicy (Wahala)

-All of our dishes are prepared without any egg product or preservatives-

-Our Signature Samosas are served with LIME ~ Simply bite into the Samosa and squeeze the lime in the Samosa to wake up all the FLAVOR- 

-Please see bottom of menu for Samosa Supreme ordering guidelines-


Spicy = *

Vegan = +


Please be advised that Samosa Supreme is a TAKE-AWAY RESTAURANT serving Gourmet Samosas with FRESH and QUALITY INGREDIENTS. Samosa Supreme is NOT A FAST-FOOD RESTAURANT.

In order to better serve our valued customers and reduce wait times PLEASE CALL AHEAD WITH YOUR ORDER. Everything at Samosa Supreme is COOKED TO ORDER.


Please Note: 15-Minutes prior to closing time we shall be serving ONLY SAMOSA (BOX) SPECIALS.

Please Note: If you WALK-IN to place an order during PEAK LUNCH OR DINNER RUSH HOURS your order MAY TAKE APPROX. 30-40 MINUTES to complete.

Please Note: An order of 5 Samosa (Box) Specials or more is considered a catering order. Please place catering orders 7 days in advance to ensure that all menu options are available.